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Hi everyone - well, I’ve had one of the busiest summers I can remember and I hope you’ve enjoyed some good times and good music, wherever you are.

And now, for a busy autumn. Next week I’ll be in St Louis for my annual stint for SPAE - the Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education - the organisation which has done so much to promote Scottish music in America. It’s something I’ve been doing for many years now, and I confess it’s one of my favourite times of the year. To be able to have a hand in widening and deepening the appreciation of Scotland’s culture, and help shape the next generation of its players, is very satisfying. My thanks to Artistic Director Diane McCullough and her fellow board members for inviting me back. The added bonus of not one, but two concerts at one of the USA’s seminal folk venues, the Focal Point, makes me look forward to my visit even more. Check out the concerts on my gigs page and if you can get along, do come and say hello.

On the writing front, my first collection - The Horseman’s Word and Other Stories - will be available to download soon.

Finally, I hope you’ll like the new website, my thanks as ever to Gordon for all his work.


                        All the best, Brian 

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