Below is an excerpt from the first thrilling Sammy Knox mystery


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Brian McNeill’s new novel ... In The Grass is a a complete departure from his two previous forays into the world of fiction, The Busker and To Answer The Peacock. Brian’s self-imposed brief this time was to write something as far away from his own experience as possible.

... In The Grass features a private eye, Sammy Knox, a sleuth with a few secrets of her own, not the least of which is a rather special physical ability which comes in very useful in her chosen profession. Sammy lives in the fictional Cotswold market town of Cadisham, in a converted attic above the Angel’s Arms, the town’s seediest hostelry. She drives a well worn MG Midget which is perpetually on the brink of breakdown and her best friend’s a cat called Scrapper.

When Lady Letitia Moresby, the society stripper, hires Sammy to find her missing python, Justin, Sammy doesn’t realise what she’s getting into. On the face of it, it’s a quick tracing job, but it turns out to be very complicated indeed, involving a teenager who’s training to be a witch (although she doesn’t know it yet), a posse of determined felines, and a tiger with a taste for gourmet food. Add to that a too-handsome RSPCA inspector, a nasty bureaucrat with an even nastier boil on his backside, an ex-musician with a serious drink problem and a scrapyard where it rains ten pound notes, and you have a potent mix that verges on the anarchic. 

Can Sammy, helped - or hindered - by the hapless forces of heaven and opposed by the darker forces of hell, succeed?

... In The Grass is the first of a series that twists detective fiction by the tail, with healthy heresy at its heart and the supernatural in its soul. It’s also just great fun.